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I'm not bad ...

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August 21st, 2008

09:10 pm
Goals for this Semester:

1. Achieve at least a 3.5
2. Don't skip class too much.
3. Do all my homework.
4. Make new friends.
5. Write something I really like.
6. Be happy.

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05:30 pm
Really, really long survey because I'm alone and bored tonight.

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August 19th, 2008

02:36 pm
a daily romp through the picking
fields, barley, grass, and flowers
tickling your knees, can make you grow
in life – here there is no need to shoot up,
bones twisting to adulthood. here
there is too much to find. see

how young they look, see
the glow in their cheeks, as they pick
and pinch the stems, stopping here
and there to inhale the sweet smell of flower
in the morning, craning their necks up
to let the sun’s glow grow

across their faces. the field is where you grow
your spirit, not anything you can plainly see,
but something that comes from deep, bubbling up,
bursting out of your skin like a man swinging a pick,
flying away, seeds from dandelions flowering,
here, put your hand on my throat and feel it, here.

why don’t you come join us here?
you need it, you certainly are growing
too fast, adulthood licking your heels, flowers
wilting and dying in vases on your desk. see
how light we are, floating above the picking
fields, toes dragging as the wind pulls us up.

you want to be like us, you know it, never growing up,
always going up, so drop your briefcase come here,
baby, we’ve got your back, we’ve picked
you to be us, don’t you feel honored? stop the growth
and start the growing, close your eyes and gain the sight,
it’s time for you to go a-flowering.

so come run through the field of endless flowers,
meet me on the other side, I’ll take your hand, guide you up
don’t look down, don’t look back, you’ll see
the world wash away, but we don’t need it here,
it’s only you and me and us, growing, growing,
as you whisper, pick me, you pick.

come run through the fields of the picking flowers
where time stops going up. stop growing up,
come here, let go, and see.

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01:33 am
I've been trying to write a sestina for a long time now and I have finally succeeded, with a little help from my friend ee cummings. Here is goes:

my shoulder lightly flinches from the kiss
your lips causing a spark like
licking a 9 volt battery, gathering more
heat and pressure as your tongue touches
the tip. Please stop,
before you hurt yourself, darling. Now

is the time to start, now
is the time before it ends, we only have seconds to kiss
this world goodbye, only we can stop
the combustion, but we never will. Moments pass by like
water dripping from a faucet, an even beat, your touch
tapping rhythms on my thighs, give me more

light, give me more life, give me more
as only you can, now,
baby, fast, baby, touch
your fingertips to my pulse points, kiss
the bitter away, make trails like
a blazer and don’t ever stop.

You are the one, the only who can stop
me from flying off the handle like those before, more
and more join the parade of people with too many regrets, like
losing yourself in a crowd. Only you can kill me now,
so hold me tight, let me kiss
the earth as you keep my heart beating with a touch.

Your lips graze the back of my knees, touching
the sweat pooled there, don’t stop,
sugar, you’re making me melt. Keep kissing,
again and again, give me more,
until you know that now is now
and love is like

and everything blends into spring rain, landing on petals like
the first time you touched
my hand, touch it again, everywhere, now
I will let you have it all, so don’t stop, don’t stop
to think, just take your chances, take it all, and give me one more

Please, sweetheart, kiss me like
you don’t need more, touch my throat
and dance me dizzy, don’t stop now.

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March 2nd, 2008

11:39 pm

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